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Imola now offers amazing discounts on ALL of our wheels inventory, feel free to view the current available stock. Prices are mentioned and more stock is constantly being updated, head to the promotions page for more!

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Imola Automotive Sdn Bhd

Since the establishment of our company in 2006, our passion and love for cars have been fueling our constant pursuit for excellence in the automotive arena.

We have started off by offering performance and design upgrades for Audi and Volkswagen cars, and today we are proud to say that our portfolio has grown to include brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW M models, Mercedes AMG and Nissan GTR.

As a progression underlined by demand from our loyal clients, we moved on to set up 3S Centre which, has been successfully offering full spectrum of automotive services, repairs and selling original parts and retrofits.

Another significant part of our business is Automotive detailing under our own brand “Imola”. Imola – sophisticated detailing for sophisticated cars, since 2008.


We Carry Exclusive Vehicles

We Carry Exclusive Modifications

We Provide a 3S Service in Kuala Lumpur

We offer complete range of automotive detailing and restoring services. Over 10 years we have been mastering the art of automotive detailing and vigorously testing and selecting the best products. Our detailing masters will take your car to luxurious lengths to bring back the shine and make you fall in love with it all over again.

Exterior Detail: Paint Correction & Protection System

With years of experience we have designed meticulous paint correction systems which use our specially selected bespoke products. All our packages come with different grades of protection.

Periodic Paint Maintenance System

Regular maintenance saves you $$$ in the long run. To help you to keep your investment in top shape we recommend you follow our periodic Express Detail sessions.

Interior Detail

Our unequaled A to Z interior detailing system package will transform the interior of your car to brand new look. To deliver unmatched results we have invested in premium products and special equipment. No short cuts here

Whether you chose simple wash or premium wash, be assured we only use premium products.

Options: • Wash & Vacuum • Wash & Vacuum + Wax • Premium Wash & Vacuum  • Wash & Vacuum + Nano Water Wax

Our extensive list of Services for all your needs. Top Service Guaranteed.

* Detail: Dashboard and door panels, Leather seats, Upholstery, Roof top, Carpets, Wheels, Chrome parts, Engine, Headlights.

* Condition: Dashboard and door panels, Leather seats

* Odor elimination

* Bugs and tar removal

* Air freshener

* Dent removal

* Glass water mark removal

* Glass polishing and coating

* Window-tinting

* Wheels-respray

* Complete and partial car body respray

* Full and partial interior leather upgrade

* Wrapping & PPF

Clear & Matte Paint Protection Film and Color Films Wrapping

* We offer protection of stone chip prone areas or complete car with our bespoke Paint Protection Film (PPF). Our specially selected 170 microns PPF will protect the paint from stone chips and harmful UV rays which cause premature ageing. Available in Glossy, Satin or Matte texture.

* If you are bored with the color of your car but would like to keep the factory paint intact, just give us a call. We will offer you a choice of any exotic color from our premium selection films.

Performance & Design -> Intensified

* Our portfolio consists of the world’s most renowned brands such as: MTM, G-Power, Loma (Wheels), ADV.1 (Wheels), KW Automotive (Suspension), Akrapovic (Exhausts), Caractere, Kahn ADV.1, RENNtech, and many more. We are able to offer complete tuning solutions, personalized design enhancements, and technical support. You can be assured that we only provide genuine upgrades.

Service – >3S

* At Imola we offer a full range of car services and repairs thanks to our experienced technicians powered by professional diagnostic machines, special tools and full range of workshop equipment. We sell original Audi and Volkswagen parts; hence we keep variety of original parts in our inventory. We also offer premium oils and liquids which we have carefully selected and tested on our own high-performance cars. Rest assured, you will receive the best technical support when your car is serviced at Imola.

We supply original Audi and VW parts to our retail customers and dealers/workshops worldwide. Our primary goal is to provide original parts at competitive prices accompanied by reliable and professional 5-star service. Our commitment to this goal is fortified by our great passion and love for Audi and VW brand.

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Latest vehicles offered by TAHB Imola Auto

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